pulp fiction comics

Featured Business Member 

Meet Ryan Skinner, Owner of Pulp Fiction Comics & Books since 2021.  Pulp Fiction is a comic book store located at 3925 E. Anaheim Street.  When you step inside, you’ll find a neatly organized, well curated selection of comic books, with handwritten notes adorning the shelves, noting staff favorites and recommendations.  Genres and themes range from children’s books to the Marvel franchise to local artists and authors. 

  • Can you tell me how you got into the comic book business?

I’d been working for Pulp Fiction for about ten years.  The previous owner was ready to retire, so I took a crack at it and I’ve been here since.  

  • What’s the first comic book you ever read?

The first comic I ever read was “Spawn” – I’m a 90s kid.

  • Who or what got you into comics?

Actually, it was a history channel documentary.  I was going to school for Literature at CSULB, and there was a really wonderful documentary on the History Channel about comics.  The documentary explained how everything changed for comics in 1986 with the comic “Watchmen”.  I just ran out and bought it and also picked up Batman Returns.  That was it for me.

  • What inspired you to open a comic book store here?

I grew up in Long Beach and can’t imagine going anywhere else.  The shop has been at a few different locations in Long Beach, finally ending up here a few years ago.  I like this location a lot because it has such great visibility on Anaheim.

  • Aside from regular store hours, what kinds of events do you host? I know I’ve seen some fun ones on your social media. 

We do book signings all the time – we have one Saturday, December 9th that we are really excited about called “BirdKing” – the author is a local.  Traditionally in the comic book world, Wednesday is the day new comics come out, so on Wednesdays we stay open late, we have drinks and special sale items for customers.

  • What would you suggest for the first-time comic book reader coming into your shop?

I would suggest they come to me!  I am like a bartender.  I have your bottle behind the counter, and I keep getting to know more about what you like. 

  • What’s the best part about owning a comic book store?

Being your own boss.  I get to see the things I love all day.

  • Favorite spot in the district to grab a drink or bite?

The Bamboo Club or Supply & Demand are both great!

For more on Pulp Fiction, check them out on social media or on their website.