Zooming in on . . . Opportunities For Learning (OFL)



Zooming in on . . .  Opportunities For Learning (OFL)

Opportunities For Learning (OFL) is a FREE public charter school serving students ages 14 and up who have fallen behind in school, are looking to graduate early, or are simply craving a non-traditional learning environment.

Opportunities for Learning

OFL Opportunities for Learning in Zaferia

Meet Opportunities For Learning:

How long has your business been located in the Zaferia area of Long Beach?

OFL was established in 1999 by a family dedicated to improving the well-being of  California’s young people.

What need does your business meet for residents of Long Beach?

At OFL, inspiring students inspires us. We believe that student-teacher relationships are critical to a young person’s social, emotional, and academic success. When you visit our locations, you’ll find students working one-on-one with highly qualified, passionate educators. We take pride in the deep connection that each staff member shares with his/her students.

Why do your clients/customers select you over your competitors?

Today, OFL offers different methods of instruction that create what we call a ‘blended’ learning model. This innovative approach to education allows students to learn with great flexibility through:

Independent studies

Small group(SGI) classes

Online courses

One-on-one, single-subject tutoring

Hands-on, experimental activities such as trips and cultural excursions

What is your background and how did you get started with your business?

As passionate educators themselves, the founders of OFL identified a need for an alternative educational setting. For over the past 20 years OFL has provided free education for all students. OFL believes in helping students reach their goals and make their dreams of graduation a reality.

For more information on Opportunities For Learning and their services, visit them on the webFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter.