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Zaferia Member Direct Grant Program (CARES Act Funding)
Accepting applications October 15 – November 3


The Long Beach City Council is making $114,695 of CARES Act Grant Funding available to the ZBA. The ZBA Board of Directors submitted a Scope of Work which was approved on October 13, 2020 that includes utilizing $103,000 for direct grants to members.

Details & Application

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Commercial Improvement Rebate Program
Long Beach Development Services

Zaferia is in a Designated Business Corridor so our members have access to the Commercial Improvement Rebate Program that provides rebates of up to $2,000 per business and commercial property owner to improve the exterior of their building. Exterior improvements such as painting, signage, exterior tile or brick veneer, window replacement and security lights, are some of the businesses favorite exterior improvements. Pre-approval is required for all proposed improvements.

The ZBA’s own Sav-On-Signs and Machan Sign Company are familiar with this program as it pertains to signage and will work with ZBA members.

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Zaferia Business Association
Cleaning Team

The ZBA contracts with a Cleaning Team to pressure wash and sweep the district sidewalks, pull weeds, pick up trash, and remove stickers.  Use these links to access the Pressure Schedule, and the Sweeper Route and Schedule.



Pressure Washing ScheduleSweeper Route Map & Schedule
Zaferia Business Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

View the ZBA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for the current fiscal year.

For minutes of meetings of previous fiscal years, contact our office at 562-305-7102.

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Zaferia Business Association
Financial Reporting

View the ZBA Annual Financial Report.

For financial reports of previous fiscal years, contact our office at 562-305-7102.

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Zaferia Business Association
Governing Documents & Management Report

ZBA Bylaws, Administrative Policies, and Management Report submitted to the Long Beach City Council for the most current year.

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Kiva Long Beach
0% interest loans for small business owners

Kiva Long Beach helps local small businesses access capital by offering 0% interest loans through an innovative crowdfunding. Loan amounts range from $500-$10,000 and are paid back monthly. Funds can be used to purchase necessary equipment, hire and/or train additional staff, promote and market business, and more!

The Zaferia Business Association is a Kiva Trustee. This makes it easier for our members to navigate the Kiva process! Contact us to learn more.

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