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Trespassing Issues
City-Approved Signage & Forms

Property or business owners can have a Request for Service form on file with the Long Beach Police Department for one year and allows officers to request that the trespassers leave a property or they can effect an arrest/cite upon their refusal without the property/business owner being present.  "No Trespassing" signs are required to be used if an owner has a request for service on file with the department.  Purchase the required updated signage at our Zaferia member Anaheim Ace Hardware located at 2720 E. Anaheim St. 

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Restaurants & Food Facilities
City of Long Beach - Environmental Health

The City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services oversees all restaurants and food service providers.  See their website for all guides, forms, and applications pertaining to the preparation, serving, and selling of food.

Environmental Health
Whose Job Is It?
City of Long Beach Phone #s

Broken Traffic or Street Light, Damaged Bus Shelter, Overflowing Sidewalk Trash Can, Graffiti, Noise Abatement, Gas Emergency, Abandoned Shopping Cart, Damaged Banner, Trash in Street . . .

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